Using PureData for advanced audio synthesis and anlysis.

If a trumpet and a flute play the same note, at the same loudness and in the same register (octave), the differences that remain between the sounds are the timbre. This exersize explores ways of synthesizing and analyzing the frequency contents of an audio signal.

Consider the follwoing important concepts, implications and questionsof this example:

  1. Sounds in the real-world are complext audio signals made-up of many frequencies at once
  2. Noise contains equal amounts of all frequencies
  3. We can synthesize sounds by taking out certain frequencies from noise
  4. We can analyze an audio signal with a Fast Fourier transform to compute its spectral contents

Steps and observations

  1. Open the 1.c.iii.5_music-synth-analysis.pd patch in Pd-extended.
  2. Follow the institutions in the patch.


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