Map a physical measurement through Pure Data from an Arduino input to output.

Please review the notes for 1.c.ii.1 as all of them apply to this exercise as well. This exercise assumes you have an Arduino programmed with the OneInOneOutASCII sketch to communicate physical data to and from an Arduino. The Pd patches are available in the same materials folder as this file.

Steps and observations

  1. Open the 1.c.ii.3_sensor-to-led.pd patch in Pd-extended.
  2. Open the connection to the Arduino using one of the serial port name message objects.
  3. After it starts, you should see time and analog values appear in the patch.
  4. The console should show the outgoing PWM commands.
  5. Attach an analog sensor to A0 and LED to Pin 3 as illustrated and see the change in display.


Looping the data through Pd adds significant latency. Can you get a LED and optical sensor to oscillate by changing the numerical mapping and physically positioning the devices?